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I would like to talk about the book we call " The Buffer Zone". The reason I call it the Buffer Zone is because I was being buffeted on every side; by the US government, by the IRS, and by the state of California (as well as many other states), so you can see I had a big fight on my hands. I was also being buffeted by the Churches and even some of the "New Age" groups. So I had to fight back. This book is about what happened during those years. It tells how the Universal Life Church was born, it gives you all the facts. Thousands and thousands of people have read it and written to say how much they enjoyed studying about the ULC and Rev. Hensley. This book gives a lot of history about Rev. Hensley, why he believes what he does. It contains many stories of the people who have been associated with the church over the years. It talks about Rev. Hensley's appearance on 60 minutes, Donahue, and many more TV shows. It tells about the newspaper and magazine articles that have been written about the church. Did you know the ULC was on the front cover of the Wall Street Journal twice? Its in this book. The National Enquirer printed a front page story about the church, its in this book. The Modesto Bee has written a lot of stories about Rev. Hensley and the ULC. They used to be pretty negative, but the last few years what they have been printing has been more positive. All this is in this book. Articles printed by: Associated Press, Denver Post, Time Magazine, L.A. Herald-Examiner, S.F. Examiner, N.Y. Times, Boston Globe, Newsweek, and many more; are all in this book.

There have been movies made about the ULC and Rev. Hensley, songs written about us (one of my personal favorites is 'Holy Smoke"). Lewis Ashmore wrote a very positive book about the life of Rev. Hensley called "The Modesto Messiah". Its all in this book. The Buffer Zone talks about many famous people who are, or have been, ULC ministers. President Johnson, Supreme Court Justice William Douglas, Norman Lear, Carol Burnett, Sammy Davis Jr., Doris Day, Jimmy Stewart, Mel Blanc, Goldie Hawn, The Beatles, and the list goes on and on.

I will tell you, that if you want to know all about Rev. Hensley and the ULC, THIS BOOK IS A MUST! It gives you more facts and information than any other book ever written about the ULC. If you get this book, and keep it, you will have an opportunity to receive more printed material to add to it. As the story of Rev. Hensley and the ULC unfolds, you will be able to receive supplements to add to this book. We are now in the process of adding four additional pages. If you already have this book, write and tell us when you received your copy, and we will send you these four pages as soon as they're printed. This book will never grow old. This will be a valuable keepsake to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

This book contains many pictures and sayings from a lot of different people, as well as some of Rev. Hensley's most famous sermons. This is a large book; 81/2xll', weighing over two lbs., and containing over 300 pages.

This book comes in a durable 3-ring binder with a hard plastic cover. The pages are not numbered so that new pages can be added as they become available. THE VALUE OF THIS BOOK IS UNLIMITED! If the church had ever put a price on it, it would have to be around $40.

We have never priced it. All we ask is a $10.00 donation to cover the cost of mailing it out.

Many people have written and told us how much they enjoyed reading 'The Buffer Zone'. Here is one such testimonial:

"As an active minister and pastor of a ULC Congregation, I was often asked questions about the church that I could not answer, until I read "The Buffer Zone'. The wealth of information on Rev. Hensley and the ULC had me so engrossed I found it hard to put the book away, I wanted to read it straight through, but of course that was impossible. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about the church. Thank you for printing such a wonderful, informative book."



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