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A Changing World

(excerpted from The Buffer Zone by Rev. Kirby J. Hensley)

Let me say first that the earth, the very ground itself, is bringing forth a new kind of life and is changing! Seasons are changing and even some scientists of our day are changing some of the "accepted" theories.

Everywhere you look there is change!


Religion is changing! The Pope has been traveling all around the world and his message seems to be the same because he knows that there's a change on and the change is coming through the young people. I received a letter from a college student in Florida. He had seen me on Nightwatch (A CBS newsprogram) and he agreed with most of what I had to say. He said that the younger generation was changing and that religion was good for children and old people, but the young are changing and seeking. I agree with him.

Once you are programmed in religion, it's like a habit and awfully hard to break. It's an addiction no different from drugs, coffee or tobacco and it's hard to break away!

YOU must change! Life is a changing thing. In fact, many people still say that the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes, but this is not true. The only certain thing in life is CHANGE.


The earth is our hope. Man looks to the earth for his hope. I think sometime before the arrival of the 21st Century man will have discovered the fountain of youth he has long searched for in myth and reality--eternal life!


What is science? Science, I believe, is the study of substance(s).

Scientists are men and women working with the earth's substances. They are doing, generally, two things: finding out what makes things "tick" and they are creating new things from the substances. One of the greatest things that scientists are working on now is outer space and the planets as well as the moon. By being able to go into space they are creating new medicines and new products so the space age has really opened up a great opportunity for mankind, but to me it is enlightening man until he no longer believes in some of the old ideas that he has. He will soon come to the point that progress will have enlightened him to where he will become aware and conscious that he doesn't really "believe" any longer that God created this world by speaking it into being. I think they will find planets with other life--similar to ours!

I believe scientists will find out how to travel at the speed of light--because if one can travel at 5mph-then 6mph then 7 then more...there is no limit. I think the thing that changed me, more than anything else, and I've been in this change for some time, is that MAN IS UNLIMITED.


We can see the political power structure has started breaking down since the Nixon era in America, but it's been breaking down around the world as the leaders of one nation after another are ousted either by vote or force. It was during the 60's that the seeds of freedom were sown and the fight was in the 0's and the change is going to be NOW!

Computer Age

I believe the greatest invention or discovery on this planet is the computer. I believe that anything that will be done in the future will be done with computers. Most any kid in a school can sit down at a computer terminal and do things he never dreamed of before. They use it for good and they use it for bad. Some high school students have used computers to rob banks, change the position of satellites, and make telephone calls without paying for such services. But look at the good side. In hospitals the computer is doing things one just couldn't believe are possible! Computers are in the automobile factories running machines. They are building robots so that these robots can do most anything!

Yes, things are changing! And Quickly!

The Universal Life Church is the hope of the young

the hope of the old

the hope of the world.



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