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I want to talk about the Church and the State as one and the same 2 If you will look at our chart, you will see that a line between the two would go through the man.

I want you to think (like you've never thought, before) that the woman and man hold the Church in the right hand and the State with their left hand.

You are the "head" of both of them. The Church was created by man, for man. The State was created the same way; by man, for man. Without man and woman the Church could not exist - - neither could the State. When you get right down to it, the Church is 'people". The State is, also.

Let's look at how closely connected and similar the Church and State are. You. I find that lots of church buildings and government buildings look alike Look at a church building; it has some pews in it and up front, most of them have two levels. The highest one is where the preacher sits. He's "lord over the flock".

The same way, in a courtroom; the judge sits up, at the highest level. The second level in the courtroom is where the accused has to go and the main (lower) level is where the people sit.

The highest power in the courtroom is the judge. In the church, it's the preacher.

As we said, the second level in the courtroom is for the accused. In the church, the second level is where the "sinners" kneel. The accused ask for mercy, of the judge. In the church, the "sinners" are asking for mercy, of the preacher. The judge has a robe on, and the preacher has a robe on. They look alike, they talk alike, and bless God, they are alike. Only, sometimes, the judge is more lenient than the preacher is.

The judge (at most) can only sentence you to death. But, the preacher condemns you to burn in hell, for ever and ever.

Here's where the big one comes in. The judge says: "That will be $500. Pay the clerk." How many times do we hear the man say: "I don't have $500.' The judge will say: 'Borrow it, or go to jail.'

The preacher will say to give $500.00. The 'sinner' will say: 'I don't have $500.00". The preacher will say to borrow it from the bank and pay it back, month by month, "or you'll go to hell, for ever & ever". It happens all the time. I could go on and on - - - -

Let's look at the Church and State, a little further. Let's just skip the 50 states and go onto Washington, DC

We elect Senators and Congressmen and send them to Washington because we believe they are good men. We have seen and heard of so much corruption out of our Congressmen and Senators in the last few years, that it looks like they're all bad - but, maybe not.

We pick out men, in the church and put them in as heads of the "governments" of the churches. They become preachers and go on TV and radio, and beg money, 'till it's unbelievable. They become so corrupted, that it's no wonder the Church is falling apart. It seems to be, that sex and money are ruining man Senators, Congressmen and preachers - - - - leaders of Church and State. We see that Church and State are one and the same, because of corruptible men and women making the laws that govern the people. There has to be a better way!

Many may ask: 'Kirby, do you have a better way?" Yes, I do! I will be writing about it, in this Bible - - - just look for it.



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