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We know that the Church (or, religion) came first. It was created by man and for man. It was a way man had to gain control over his fellow man (the masses of people).

In the book of Genesis we see where Cain and Abel were going to offer up sacrifices to their God.

This practice grew so much that they began to build tabernacles, synagogues, alters, temples, and burning bushes. Wherever these Jews went it seemed that religion dominated them.

You'll notice, in this same Bible, that some religious ideas and practices started long before the Jewish religion started. Science is always finding signs of man existing millions of years ago, leaving some sign on rocks and caves, of their way of life - - and their beliefs.

We understand, from studying history, of the different people of the world, that religion has dominated the people of this planet. I would not endeavor to try to tell you about how many types of religious ideas and practices there are. Here in America, alone, there are thousands.

All religions of the world, when you get right down to the bottom line, are nothing more, or less, than "law".

Before you can have a law, you have to have a 'law-giver'. The people of this planet create the laws of this planet (to govern people).

They used to be governed by the laws of religion. We see now, that what we call a church (today) is created by people and for people.

At one time, we were governed, in America, by what was known as 'common law" (or, church law) and no one dared to challenge Church law.

In the last 100 years or so, man has been questioning Church laws. Y' see, they no longer offer "blood sacrifices". They no longer believe in many of the old traditional ideas.

As modern man began to educate themselves, and once they began to leave the church school and started up public schools, the church began to lose control over man.

The old Jewish religions are still very much under religious law, but when the churches began to break away from the Jewish religion they began to leave the old laws behind (such as: circumcision is not required, so much as it was before, in the old laws). The Sabbath is not considered to be as sacred as it used to be.



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