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The ULC has thousands of congregations and all are parts of the one church, like the hand and eye are parts of the body.

Our congregations are integral - not separable, parts of the Universal Life Church. They are parts in a sense only, for they are the physical manifestations of the church. it is the purpose of the church which sets the limits which our creativity works within. That work is: separating our purpose into functions and determining what the shape and sense of the parts - our congregations - need be. What they need be to fulfill our purpose.

And, of course, a church - congregation - is people, not a building. As members of a ULC congregation, you are member of the one church. Remember: You are in the Universal Life Church.

There is one thing that you must always bring before the people, and that is - that no incorporated church can sponsor any kind of legislation or support anyone that is running for a political office of any kind. If you do you are subject to have your tax privileges taken away from you. But, a non-incorporated church can do anything it wants to, as it is regarded the same as an individual. A non-incorporated church can raise money for a candidate, and many churches are doing just that.

The Universal Life Church does not back or condemn anyone in any office. It does not sponsor or condemn the Republicans, the Democrats, the independents, the communists or any other party. The Universal Life Church is strictly neutral, it takes no side and only helps those that do right.

If you want to start a congregation, send us the names of 3 people, President, Treasurer, and Secretary-all over the age of 18. Send $35. to Headquarters; 601 Third St. Modesto, CA 95351. We will then send you a congregation agreement for you to fill out. Those 3 people must sign. Mail it back to Headquarters and we will record it in our files the day you receive it. We will send you a congregation # and a beautiful certificate. The date we receive your agreement, we will record it in our records. At that time you are an active congregation.



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