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This is What Hensley Was Saying in 1966

What is Heaven? Where is Heaven? It seems that everyone wants to go to heaven. Most everyone has a different idea of heaven. I used to think that heaven was a place. Then I believed heaven was a state of mind. Now I believe heaven is a state of being. As I talk to people around the country I am more convinced that I am right. You ask some good Christian about heaven and as he explains it you will find he is talking of a state of being. Cities with streets of gold, gates of pearl, a king, no poverty, no sickness, sorrow, trouble, crime or tears. You can see that he wants these things now. This is what we all want right now. I used to dream that when I died I would get these things. Also when I believed Heaven was a state of mind and thought upon these things I received a certain amount of joy. When I began to find out that heaven was now and I was already in it I received a greater blessing. Don't get me wrong. I have not as yet received ALL the things that I think is for me, but I am working on it very hard. Heaven to me is these things:

To be free, free to think, freedom to move, freedom to act. You see freedom is not something given to you. It is something one must earn to appreciate. To be free from fear, pain, sickness, sorrow, and poverty. These are the things that most people are hoping for some day. They have not become conscious that they can be a reality now. What I want now is a happy family, a nice income, nice home, nice car, and a nice business. When you have these and can realize it you are happy. All of these are in our reach. When we have reached this state of being we can then look forward to having all our enemies under our feet. Especially the enemy of death because we can see many people around us who are getting closer to abolishing death.

Then Heaven will be a complete reality NOW.



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