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The most important asset of any church is itself, that is, its people or members, individually as well as collectively. The Universal Life Church agrees with the advice given by Robert Zimmerman, better known to his large circle of friends as Bob Dylan. "Don't follow leaders... because letting George do it always ends with George in control of everybody's life and fortune." Each of us, as ministers, should shine our own light and do our part to dispel the vast ocean of ignorance that sometimes seems to engulf us. Each bird must fly on its own wing, at the same time we should emulate the peaceful bull of the modern fable that avoided the sword, and death itself, by the mere act of not charging the matador's cape. The meek may inherit the earth only if we realize that it is force, not power, which comes out of the barrel of a gun. The power has always been with the individual. The individual has relinquished it and the individual must get it back, lest a government of the people, for the people, and by the people shall perish from the face of the earth. The Universal Life Church proposes that America, the birthplace (in 1776) of a little bit of liberty, is an appropriate place for the fires of freedom to be rekindled. It is time for the Phoenix to be born again.

The Universal Life Church is representative of a revolution in values that promises to change the world of today into the world of tomorrow. The Universal Life Church champions this revolution as a sensible return to an almost forgotten ideology: The acceptance of human beings, the highest form of life on earth, just as they are now, in their process of cosmic becoming. The evolution of the child of today into the adult of tomorrow is the continuous revolution of the young against the hypocritical attitudes that they find upon their arrival. It is the end and the beginning of the never ending cycle of eternal life and death. If there is any one class that is truly oppressed, it is the young, the class that will, sooner or later, replace the out going tide of humanity. Young people everywhere are persecuted and harassed under the pretext that their elders invariably know better, in spite of the obvious fact that history proves the contrary: The age of Peace and Prosperity is yet to arrive, it will arrive as quickly as we have enough faith in liberty. If we believe in our own liberty sufficiently to let everybody else enjoy theirs, we can achieve peace beyond all our expectations and prosperity must follow, just as the day follows the sun. The industrial revolution that has so transformed our way of life, providing better tools for more productivity, has only just begun. Armed with the inventiveness of liberty, the human race will always transcend itself. We always rise above yesterday's performance, if we only wish to do so. The Universal Life Church champions above all else Liberty of Thought, the eternal panacea, the mother of all invention and the father of progress, male and female in equal parts, Yin and Yang, with neither one supreme over the other -- Peace and Prosperity and Good Will to All. There can be only one means to achieve the lofty pinnacle of cosmic becoming to which we refer; the prime commandment: To Do Right. The essence and spirit of the Golden Rule: To live honestly, to hurt no one, to give every one their due, The total sum of the science of justice, There is no religion higher than this eternal truth.


I have just passed 81 years old. I have written a lot of things in my life. I have written about the Universal Life Church for the past 35 years. I am the founder and President of the Universal Life Church.

Since we are getting millions and millions of people who are getting Minister Credentials from the church, I think you should know something about the leader of this large church. My wife Lida and I have both dedicated our lives for this church. We were both born in the western part of North Carolina. We have been married 40 years, which is the best 40 years of my life. My wife Lida is the only woman I ever truly loved. We have 3 children (Two boys and a girl.) They are wonderful children.

My wife Lida has worked for the church from the beginning, and is still Secretary.

Now, a few things about myself. I have been a preacher off and on almost all my life. For the last 50 years I have studied harder to learn the Bible. I won't take time to tell you all my past Iife but, I was married before and had two wonderful girls of my previous marriage.

I was brought up in the Baptist church as a child. I was Baptized at about 12 years old. I didn't stay there very long. I was in and out of church for a number of years. I joined the C.C. Camp in the 1930's. I was still preaching and wanting to learn more. I bought a 15 cent dictionary once and carried it 300 miles. I thought it was a bible. I couldn't read or write at the time. A fellow laughed at me and told me "You bought a dictionary, not a bible."

I got into a Pentecostal type of church, emotionally. I got married the first time and came to Oklahoma for a while, then came to California. I left the Pentecostal and went out on my own. I then got a divorce.

I started studying all kinds of religions and ideals. For the past 40 years, if I heard of any kind of religion, I would look into it and find out what it had to offer. I finally landed in Modesto better than 35 years ago. I started the Universal Life Church.

Now, I am in a change of life, completely. To me, the Bible now, is something I refer back to. No part of it is in front of me, it's all behind me. I use it a lot because I have to know it to talk with people. Most people I talk with have some knowledge and beliefs within the Bible. I do not condemn all of it, but, it isn't for the man of today. It will hold you back.

--Rev. Kirby J. Hensley, D.D.



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