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Here are some of the things that a minister should know. The Universal Life Church believes that when a man requests to be ordained, that he is already ordained of God, according to the Bible. In St. John 15/-16, it says that God called you and has ordained you.

We, the Universal Life Church believe that scripture to be true. We believe you are an ordained minister. What we do, is stand between you and the Federal Governments and between you and the state, not between you and your God. We meet the requirements of the Federal Governments and the States.

Therefore, we give you a Ministers Credential, making you an ordained minister of the state and government. This gives you all the rights of the Federal Governments and the States. There are many ceremonies that take place in churches. But, that is all they are, is ceremonies. They have no authority or power with the federal government or the state.

If you have been ordained by the Universal Life Church and have the Ministers Credentials with the state seal and the President's signature on it, then as far as you and the state is concerned, you are a legal ordained minister.

The minister is by definition a servant. The minister exists to serve himself, his congregation, the church, and his God. He is an agent administrating the duties and functions of his church.

The minister should be compassionate, loving, and trustworthy. The responsibility of church administration rests on his shoulders. The minister must be able to weep with those that weep and rejoice with those rejoicing. He should strive to be an able leader, to promote spiritual growth and happiness within the congregation.

Every minister needs to have some knowledge of the legal rules and principles concerning the relationship of church and state in the United States. This understanding and application of the rules and principles will greatly help to serve, with commendable distinction, the parishioners and community.

Ministers are entitled to many discounts from retail agencies. Among these are discounts on public transportation, i.e., buses, trains, air travel, etc., department store discounts, food discounts, discount rates for many amusement parks, and the list goes on. The minister may obtain discounts on his own. Check around. You might be surprised at what you will find.

When you are a Minister of the Universal Life Church, it is incumbent upon you to perform the Sacerdotal functions of the ministry, i.e., Marry, Bury, Baptize, and hold meetings to satisfy the needs of the congregation (if you have a congregation). If anyone tells you that you do not have to do these functions, you are being deceived - it is mandatory that you participate to receive the privileges under Internal Revenue Code Section 107.

Bishop Kirby J. Hensley, President and Founder, of the church states "if you are not dedicated to Freedom of Religion and the tenets and precepts of the church and not willing to actively participate in the Ministry, please do not apply for a Pastorate of a Congregation."

Make sure your book-keeping journals are up to date supporting the quarterly reports to Headquarters, they may be asked for at a later date to substantiate contributions.

Once again, we cannot emphasize enough, how important this is to the welfare of the ministry and our contributors. If there is any doubt whatsoever, please do not hesitate to call Headquarters immediately for guidance. The staff here at Headquarters is ready and willing to help you.

The Universal Life Church believes that a man is already ordained before he even becomes an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.

The ULC believes that he/she is an ordained minister of God, according to the Bible. In St. John 15:16 it says that God called you and has ordained you. The Universal Life Church believes this scripture to be true.

The Universal Life Church does not interpret or set in judgement of your beliefs, creed, religion, race, color, or sex. We will ordain anyone upon request. Help the Ministry grow! Become an ordained minister and ordain others! Help spread the Universal Life!



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