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The most important and time consuming aspect of administering a congregation is the maintenance of proper bookkeeping and records. This job usually falls on the shoulders of the Treasurer who is appointed by the Board of Directors of the Congregation.

This vital aspect of Church operation is sometimes inadvertently overlooked. The Church has designed a simple effective system of reporting and maintaining appropriate record keeping. When the bookkeeping of the Congregation is handled monthly and not left to accumulate over a period of months, the time necessary to complete this vital function is minimized.

Each time a taxpayer makes a contribution to the Church, make sure he/she receives a receipt signed by a third party in the Congregation. Make sure the receipt has only the information listed on this form, do not add any further information. If there are any questions as to receipts, contact us immediately.

The Minutes of the Boards meeting reflects the Old and New Business discussed by the members for the operation of the Congregation. It also reflects Special Committee Reports on activities of the Congregation and its projected programs.

Discussion of Resolutions and their approval for pertinent matters pertaining to financial matters and the recipient of Church funds must be signed by the Treasurer/Secretary.

These Minutes must be kept in the normal business of the Congregation to back up actions taken by its members. These have to be ready at all times, and surrendered upon request of International Headquarters



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