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We created the Church to take care of spiritual matters, and we created the State to solve material problems for us. We elected representatives to handle the work and paid them through taxes. And very much like the Church, the State grew into a system that soon took over the right to direct for us and made us its servants.

The State keeps people down in the same way as the Church; with reward and punishment. The law abiding, tax paying citizen is rewarded with a house in a suburb, and his children are sent to schools in which they are taught to be good citizens like their fathers and mothers.

This is the reward. But there is punishment too. Those of us who refuse to conform, and feed a system that we do not want any part of, are dragged to court and put in jail. The State, the laws, and the police were created by us to serve us, but today they have made us their servants. The freedom within the system is only imaginary, as the bureaucrats in charge constantly find new ways to impose restrictions within the boundaries of the law.



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