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Name: Dwayne Pedersen
City: West Vancouver
State: British Columbia
Country: Canada
Phone: None
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Church: Under Construction
Occupation: Ritual Magician, Healer, Reiki Master
Services Performed: Energy Healing, Reiki, Faith Healing, Dowsing, Counseling, Ritual Magick, for people, plants, pets, buildings and businesses. Training in the above. In the future will perform weddings, funerals, religious confirmation. Just ask, and it can be done.
This I Believe: Cosmic and Universal power is real. When I do Ritual Magick, it works. Mindless self indulgent hedonism is the order of the day. Indulging in pleasures of the flesh, building yourself up are good things. Be spiritually independent, develop strength, and strive for excellence in all that you do. Do not let the lies and half truths of the political, civic, business, and big religious leaders control your mind and soul. Give people your best, but do not take abuse. The only thing that will stop the abusive is to hit them back. Travel, talk to people, and read as much as possible. Make goals and write down your dreams. Take care of your body and mind. Exercise. Meditate. Take vitamins, eat good food. Take care of all aspects of your personal appearance, possessions, and aesthetics. It will give you more success in life. Think twice before taking any course of action. Do not be hasty in revenge, think it out and plan it carefully. Think carefully about your choice of vocation and education. The right choice could make you happy, rich and healthy. the wrong choice, the opposite. Take utmost care in your choice of friends and intimate partners. Never be afraid to upgrade and always have an exit plan. It is good to become rich, educated and or successful. Think for yourself. Don't follow the Herd. Respect independent thought. Question authority.
Favorite Quote: Be it considered good or evil, give me strength above all else. For there is not good or evil, only strength and weakness. Self development not through philosophies and religion, but through Rites of Passage of real risk, danger, challenge, pain, and fear.

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