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"Be Blessed: ~ Define your own paradigm Be Cursed: ~ Be defined by one"
Name: Ronald French
City: Bradenton
State: Florida
Country: United States
Phone: 941-448-5035
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Web Site:

Church: coexist / universalism
Occupation: Disabled/ Minister
Services Performed: weddings, funerals. baptisms, open service, educational programs,
This I Believe: "Be Blessed: ~ Define your own paradigm Be Cursed: ~ Be defined by one" At an early age Ronald French knew he was different from his peers. His fascination with the occult and macabre lead him to an immersion of study and dissecting the knowledge from books on the occult and paranormal printed in the1500s to 1970s . " I believe in the science behind 'magic' and if something presents itself unexplained I will not deny its existence I will however, dog~ear the event for further study" Ronald is an Independent Philosophical Satanist (LaVeyan) , Pantheist (Everything is energy), Occultist (studies everything of self interest from Crowley to remote viewing). Being ordained in 3 ministries not including his own Ministry Ronald often finds himself in the role of life / spiritual coach. With his unique views with the paranormal, supernatural, and anything that goes bump in the night also finds himself in the role of consultant to Psychics. One of the most reputable qualities Ronald has is that his likes to see the person behind the curtain. "Many people in the 'magical' world present themselves like characters in a cartoon or dungeon and dragons game. What I find is not only are their lies disheartening but the Gullible who follow them. That is why I created the { The Forrest Gump of Witch Craft } a website that not only shows who these people really are but also their criminal backgrounds and those people who support them. Believe me you will be more than surprised who is holding your hand reading your future... "There are Witches who have businesses. There are those who are in business to be witches" As apart of Ronald's beliefs he has been preaching a universal message online for people to work on their core.... " Just like the rings of a cut tree you must first start from the center (that being you) and work outward this way you are not only good for yourself you will be good to the world around you"). Today: As we face 2017 head on Ronald is still recovering from a vehicle accident that occurred in April 2015. -
Favorite Quote: Evolution Through Diversity My personal Page :

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