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Bishop Harney
Name: (Bishop) Douglas Harney
City: Winnipeg
State: Manitoba
Country: Canada
Phone: 204-930-5632
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Church: Holy Temple WorldWide Ministries
Occupation: Bishop
Services Performed: Weddings,funerals,baptisms,church services, aboriginal ceremonies, step 5 calls, sharing circles, naming ceremonies and all services called upon to perform. Holy Temple WorldWide Ministries is totally non-denominational, and welcomes all peoples from all ethnic backgrounds regardless of age or state of life. As a NW/CLF member, you can participate in weddings, funerals, baptisms, or other Church services. We have online, free training for members, ministers and the public, and an online, one-year seminary program,where you can receive a diploma to enhance your knowledge and your credibility at We also offer other services such as the Absolution of Sins & Granting of Plenary Indulgence, counseling, private communication by telephone and by visitation in emergencies, Letters of Good Standing for places requiring such documents, and assistance in becoming all you are meant to be.
This I Believe: We acknowledge that spiritual growth comes from finding the truth in our individual ways throughout life. Each of us must find our own Holy Grail. Through this statement of our faith, Holy Temple WorldWide Ministries is willing share with everyone that wishes, the benefits of our church. 1. We believe in the non-hierarchical form of Holy Temple WorldWide Ministries where the ministry is an independent affiliate of the whole, building on and expanding the kingdom of God here on earth. There is only one authority of the Church, to serve God as the only source of higher deity. No one ministry is more important than another, as we are co-labourers working together as we fulfill our life destinies in God through Christ Jesus together. 2. We believe all ministries and churches should receive one another without prejudice or opinion, but with openness of beliefs and the desire to pass forward faith as persons of goodwill serving a higher purpose. 3. We believe we should not only be accountable to God, but also to one another in our works and beliefs of this world and the next. 4. We believe we must have the ability to instruct, as well as the ability to receive teaching and instruction from one another. As humanity seeks the unattainable knowledge of wisdom and God, no man shall know the complete revelation of either, yet must seek both if we are to mature spiritually. No revelation is greater than the last, yet each revelation will build from the last to the next, bringing greater clarity of the things which are to come. 5. We believe as ministers and as Children of God that we are not to condemn others, but to lead others through compassion and love, and to receive correction when it is given in compassion and love. We must be able to confess our sins to one another without fear of condemnation. We realize we are human and are bound to make mistakes, yet it is through faith, knowledge and spiritual awareness that we learn from those mistakes, which helps us to grow into the fullness of God's high calling. 6. We believe that as ministers and as Children of God, we must come to the aid and defence of other ministries that all may serve a higher purpose. We dare not turn our backs on humanity and mans' work when in need just as we dare not turn our backs to God's work. We work to overcome the challenges, which lay before each of us. 7. We believe we fulfill a position in spiritual faith as we serve God in this world, which is a position of servant leadership. Our destiny is to serve with compassion, love and spiritual faith in our beliefs, remembering to always bring comfort, aid and encouragement to all that come to us for help. We are to heal, give shelter, feed the hungry and to preach the Word of God as we worship. Through the unity of believing and the working of the Holy Spirit in each of us, we pass onward the faith as shared to each of us. 8. We believe that as ministers and as Children of God. we are to love one another as we serve all in faith and spiritual fulfillment. Religiousness is a state of personal progression in God and not simply a place in mans' church. We serve man through God as God's servants.
Favorite Quote: Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 41:31

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