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Name: Charles Weber
City: Crestview
State: Florida
Country: United States
Phone: 8503985651
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Web Site: None

Church: Church of All Worlds
Occupation: Air Force
Services Performed: I am the military support Lay Leader representing the Shamanic, Druidic and Wicca Faiths on my base. I will serve in whatever fashion or role I can serve, from a blessings to weddings.
This I Believe: I am a member of the Church of All Worlds as I believe that everyone has a personal path and a right to follow it. I follow Shamanic Healing practices and look to the wisdom of Raven, my totemic guide; I feel a strong affinity for the elements properties of Earth and Water. I also consider myself an Eclectic Wiccan (learning about Feri Tradition) as their beliefs and teaching are close to my heart. take an Eclectic Wiccan approach to my learning, teaching and solitary practices taking in each new experience and adding it to my own practices as they help expand my awareness and beliefs. I place strong emphasis is placed on sensual experience and awareness, including sexual mysticism and healing. In this, as in the general spirit of spiritual exploration. The only specific laws limiting behavior, I adhere to spiritually is the Rede and the Five Laws. I also of course follow the laws of my land, the country I am stationed in and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, I may not always agree with them but do not cross them or break them as it would tarnish the reputation of Wicca and not promote us as the good citizens we are.
Favorite Quote: The Universe has variety, something for everybody.

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