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Name: Rodney Merrill
City: Astoria
State: Oregon
Country: United States
Phone: 503-325-1835
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Web Site: None

Church: Universal Life Church, Church of Spiritual Humanis
Occupation: professional writer, creativity coach, celebrant/minister
Services Performed: Perform weddings Write ceremonies Write obituaries and memorials
This I Believe: We socially construct each other and our understanding of the world. Because our ways of knowing are both facilitated by and limited by language, social convention and our senses, it is unlikely that anyone has a true and complete understanding of anything. All systems of thought are likely to be partly right and partly wrong because any system carried to its extreme tend toward the ridiculous. Much as we hate to admit it, this is because we cannot comprehend everything all at once. It is beyond us. We have small glimpses and that is all there is and likely all there ever will be. We have to make the best of it for ourselves and for others. I believe it is best to live within the context that "the world can work for everyone with no one left out" whether that is "true" or not because it asks the best in us rather than pandering to the worst.
Favorite Quote: "The world can work for everyone with no one left out." Werner Erhard, 1970

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