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Name: Robert Ing
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Phone: 613-869-1662
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Church: Independent - ULC ordained since 1980.
Occupation: LHP Counsellor, Mentalist, Occultist
Services Performed: LHP Counsellor, life strategies coaching, inspirational speaker, and consecrations. I am an LHP Counsellor. What this means is that I specialize in life strategies coaching centered on life, health and prosperity for members of the Left-Hand Path (Occult) community. As a mentalist, I offer live lectures where everyone present witnesses firsthand demonstrations and experiences the untapped potential of their mind. Truly a very real and rare opportunity to be part of an experience where things deemed impossible become very real and probable. All may enter with their curiosity in hand but shall leave with an awareness and unforgettable personal experience like no other.
This I Believe: I believe that within every living creature is a natural force that connects us all; one of balanced duality (male/female, yin/yang, dark/light, God/Goddess as some may wish to define it). God/Goddess is not external to (outside of) living creatures but is within, and each creature must celebrate, honour and respect that which is within them; not an externally imposed, at arms-length deity or deities.
Favorite Quote: "I Respect the Path of the Ancient Ones, as I Make, Walk and Take Sole Responsibility for My Own Path." - Dr. Robert Ing

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