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Name: Robert Daniel Birk
City: Vancouver
State: Washington
Country: United States
Phone: 5033584975
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Web Site: None

Church: U.L.C. Vancouver
Occupation: Ordained Minister, D.D., Ph.D.
Services Performed: Weddings
This I Believe: I believe in Man and Woman Interdependent Sovereigncy and Unalienable Rights,and the generation of zero debt.
Favorite Quote: It is the “zero state of non-individuality” or “oneness” that some thinkers suggest is the essence of consciousness and reality. I have, heretofore, called this zero state a unity, an energy-in-potential, or a substance-in-equilibrium. It could also be viewed as a potential consciousness or mind at rest. It cannot though be an actual consciousness of something, not until something is being identified through a concentrative effort. I am not denying the necessity of the unity state; I am saying that the individualizing of something in relation to something else is equally necessary and equally real to whatever the nature of reality is. Those “thinkers” who suggest that “oneness” somehow constitutes ultimate reality, are not they using the exact relationship-in-process mind dynamic to declare such a thing?  -- Christopher A. Anderson

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