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Name: Melanie Thiede
City: Fresno
State: British Columbia
Country: Canada
Phone: None
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Church: ULC/Anglican/Pagan
Occupation: Minister & Intuitive Counsellor
Services Performed: Wedding Vow Renewal, House Blessings, Specializing in GLBT wedding ceremonies, and small weddings for heterosexual couples. Intuitive ( psychic) healing and distance healing available, online coaching, and in person coaching too. I can also provide services in British Columbia , Canada.
This I Believe: Raised Anglican until the age of 14, when I started to become interested in more new agey ways and ideas. Now my beliefs are truly new agey, and eclectic - while believing in angels, and a angel heirarchy, the ultimate course of life - the creator - he or she does not have a physical form - but is part of all of us, - while also believing in ancient ways of the asian faiths.
Favorite Quote: There is good in everything we see, and there is an abundance of love to share with others. We are all connected to each other yet we all think individually.

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