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Name: Rev.Dr.Weerapon Prawang
City: Chiangmai
State: None
Country: Thailand
Phone: 66897011552
Email: Send message
Web Site: None

Church: ULC , Thailand, Rainbow Covenant Foundation
Occupation: Pastor / Reverent
Services Performed: President of Universal Life Church, Thailand. 1. CEO of ULC,Thailand. 2. Mission co-operation for ULC, Thailand and ULC Headquarter. 3. Protect the dignity which may be insulting, negligent, and infringement of rights of ULC Thailand based on the international human rights. And has the authority to file a lawsuit under the Law in Thailand 4. A religious ceremony such as delivering sermons, officiating weddings, and conducting baptisms and funeral for Christians and other.
This I Believe: Whereas now in Thailand, some person posted contents in the Church News published broadly, as well as in the social networks libeling operation of Universal Life Church as the false organization claiming falsely on religion and selling educational degrees, this leads other persons to misunderstand on and defames reputation of Universal Life Church in Thailand so much. In this regards, I, as a president of Universal Life Church in Thailand, have filed a lawsuit against such person already and now it is in the trial process. Therefore, in order to be referred in the court prosecution, I, Mr. Weerapon Prawang, as a president of Universal Life Church in Thailand, who am a plaintiff in Thai court, would like to inform you to ask for your kindness to issue a letter of certificate on status or position of President of a president of Universal Life Church in Thailand to me in order to make clear for and facilitate me in the court prosecution.
Favorite Quote: Motto " We are one "

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