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Name: Austin Taylor
City: Selma
State: Alabama
Country: United States
Phone: None
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Web Site: None

Church: Universal Life Church, Modesto California
Occupation: Independent Contractor and Graduate Student
Services Performed: Forthcoming: Wedding Ceremony [sentimental and civil/legal], Spiritual Counseling/Advice, Funerals, Baptisms, Blessings, Teach and Hold Meetings
This I Believe: Univerasal Unitarianism, Gnosticism, Humanism, Pagan-NeoPagan, Environmentalism, Spiritualism, Spirituality, Mythology, Nature Religions, Therianism, Peace-Love-Happiness, Non-Demoninational Christianity, The Golden Rule, Karma
Favorite Quote: "In our minds, there are two classes of attitudes— anger and attachment on the one hand and detachment, contentment, love, and compassion on the other." ~The 14th Dali Lama "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering" ~Yoda, Star Wars "When prayers turn to promises, not even fate can stand in their way." ~Fang, Final Fantasy XIII "Wishes can come true, but not if you just wait for miracles. Miracles are things we make for ourselves, here and now." ~Vanille, Final Fantasy XIII

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