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In Absolute Love, Samantha Thomas Philosopher ____________________ Reality is not what you think. --S.Thomas
Name: Samantha Thomas
City: Wildwood
State: Illinois
Country: United States
Phone: 847-529-9550
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Church: Church of Creation
Occupation: Philosopher
Services Performed: Marriage and Relationship Completion Program for couples planning to marry (or enter into a committed promise-based relationship), those contemplating divorce, and those who are in the middle and wish to create new vitality for their partnership. Marriage Ceremony Life celebrations and rituals Funeral services and grief counseling
This I Believe: I do not believe anything, and I do not even believe that I do not believe anything. One does not have to believe nor disbelieve anything to participate in this church. Perhaps believing, disbelieving or a self-invented test of believability may be a barrier to authentic and creative devotion. Our church is an inquiry. Participation in this inquiry produces powerful distinctions, which occur as an expansion of your Being, rather than as an article of faith that is held at some distance from yourSelf.
Favorite Quote: The Will to Know does not will to abide in anticipation with what is worthy of thought. --Martin Heideggar On the Way to Language

Links: • A Future-Directed Approach to Nothing and Everything
• The Church of Creation, a church without creed or code. You are always already welcome!



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