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Name: Susan Weimer - Slomkowski
City: Salisbury
State: Pennsylvania
Country: United States
Phone: 814-662-2860
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Church: None
Occupation: None
Services Performed: None
This I Believe: ******** In the Father - Creator called "YHWH Jehovah Elohim" who is the beginning and ending, first and last , and that He only is my Creator, Foundation, Guide, Purpose and Judge. I believe YHWH alone is worthy of worship and praise and that there is none other but Him who can be called GOD. I believe that the true name of YHWH is unknown to men and further that this "Intellect" cannot be weighed or measured by the dogmas, philosophies or ideas of the 3-D world. YHWH cannot be defined by sexual identity since God is neither male nor female.. Yet is both and beyond. The use of the seemingly sexual identifier "He" therefore becomes merely a synonym, which means "Holy Entity". "GOD" likewise as being "All things of: Goodness, Oneness & Diversity". YHWH is more than mere "trinity" - He is NOT limited and thereby classifies as "Unlimity". ********************************************************** That The Christ ( also known to men as Jesus, Yahashua, The Word, Emanuel, Son of Man, Son of God and countless other names) is one of YHWH's "Seven Divine Spirits" (this being specifically "The Spirit of Agape' Love") which when housed in bodily form becomes a "Savior" by fulfilling YHWH's calling and is "as men to dwell with men". I affirm that at this point in history that this Spirit rests upon the form of "James, the Just" to fulfill the purpose which YHWH has caused it to come again into this world to save men from the wrath of "Tribulation" by offering the promise of rest in "Zion". This Divine Spirit is perfect in itself but is made imperfect in flesh to unite, understand and serve YHWH's most precious creation…. HUMANITY. The "Christ Spirit" (Jesus/Yahashua/Spirit of Agape' Love/The Word) points the way to YHWH and seeks no personal worship. ********************************************************** The Holy Spirit is a multi-faceted part of the "Spirit of Yahashua/YHWH" which is capable of dwelling quietly and soundly in the hearts of each man, woman and child upon the earth. It is called the "Still small voice" to some and to others it is "the conscience”. It is given to be a lover of peace and a giver of wisdom. It is fully incapable of wrong doing, being hateful or seeking any injustice for it desires only peace, love, unity and righteousness. The Holy Spirit is personal in nature and does not impose itself on anyone by force or anger and where these are present the Holy Spirit stays silent or refuses to dwell. "The Holy Spirit" points only to the wisdom and knowledge of "The Christ" who points the way to "YHWH". ********************************************************** The Holy Bible is one collection of writ among a myriad of "sacred texts" in extent. It presents truth when correctly defined by the Holy Spirit and proper translation. It is not a single book and was never intended to be held up as the only book capable of bringing wisdom and understanding. Yes, It is blessed and yes, it is good for gaining knowledge, wisdom and understanding, yet so are many other books and writings of prophet and saint. The canon was formulated over the last two centuries by fallible committees (Catholic Councils such as Nicea and Trent). Upholding a single collection of "orthodox" texts as the only documentation capable of being authoritative is to limit God to its pages. Therefore, many make letters, words, and wood pulp to be not unlike an idol and this cannot be wisdom. Wisdom takes knowledge and knowledge examines all that is brought before it. The "Word of God" is happening at all times and is not merely a single document… no matter how good this document may be. ********************************************************** The Church - has no windows or doors. It does not create buildings and seek to make men walk into them in order to worship YHWH. The true church must be lived in daily and it is all about you. You cannot "go to church" for you are always in her even when you believe you are not. The Church is made of people and it is good that people should come together in worship but fellowship does not require real estate nor hymnal nor paid speakers and teachers. The Church is here and now and you alone are its priests. ********************************************************** The single law of YHWH is to "Be Love" - It encompasses the two laws presented in the first coming of the Spirit of Yahashua, which were to "Love God" and "Love Each other". It is further defined in the "Ten Commands of YHWH (10 Commandments)" which show man how to keep and make Holy this single law. It is written that where there is love there can be no condemnation and that without love one cannot please YHWH. Therefore if man can make real the "Law of Love" he will have fulfilled the "whole of YHWH's Law". ********************************************************** That Zion exists - That it is a physical place between perishable and imperishable. Known to many cultures and religions by various names. Zion is both the point of beginning (Eden) and the point of ending (New Jerusalem) completing a divine cycle. To those who receive the call and act upon it by a work of faith this place shall become a "shelter from a coming nuclear event/ Armageddon " and a place from where a new genesis begins to rebuilt a "new Earth". Even though all mankind shall be called prophecy states that the number who shall enter prior to the event shall be only 144.000 "meek" individuals. Persons called shall go into caves that open at the time the "Key to the House of David" is placed by the "Christ" and kept open for 12 hours at which time these gates shall be sealed. At some point Zion shall actually rise and then return from the clouds in the form of New Jerusalem (which shall be the hub or base from which shall "go forth the law (of Love)"). This can be compared to the story of Noah in many ways and at the time of the return any who remain alive and faithful (not having received the way/mark of the Beast/Antichrist) shall join their brothers and sisters in Zion. Zion contains a very special part of God's Spirit as well as The Ark of the Covenant and Tree of Life (which all who eat from it shall receive eternal life). ********************************************************** That "Hell" - as a place created for everlasting torment of those who do not accept a certain idea, is not consistent with the idea of God being Love. Therefore most view Hell in a way constructed by creative writers such as Dante' and this place does not exist (as is traditionally taught to make sinners feel such fear they would join any faith to avoid such a horror). Hell in many faiths would only be a form of "heaven" to demons and devils since they would be allowed to inflict their pain and suffering on the souls of those who did not select a certain path of understanding. Hell has been used by many faiths as a threat and would make YHWH out to be one who desires to gain friendship by threat (Who could desire such friends?). The Truth is that those who do not wish to follow truth shall NOT be made to suffer eternally in "a place of burning torment" but shall more correctly be made "non-existent" (called "The Second Death" in the Bible). When I asked God personally about this I was shown a vision in which I saw a valley filled with fire and God told me to look at what happens to the garbage heaped on the Fire. I looked and I realized that even in a continuously burning fire anything heaped upon it only fed the flames for a moment but eventually was NO MORE. My God is YHWH, Jehovah Elohim… The God of LOVE & MERCY and anything that could cause even a single soul to suffer eternal pain cannot be a God of MERCY.. Much less a God of LOVE! People should seek God not out of FEAR*.. But because they seek a loving friend. Those who think God desires Fear* can have the God of FEAR*… I believe he goes by a different name. ********************************************************** * FYI: The word "Fear" when used in the Bible is incorrectly translated.. It should mean "Respect". Many have run from God because of this error in translating. All of us want "respect" from our friends but who wants their friends to FEAR them? Not I! **********************************************************
Favorite Quote: LIVE LOVE ALWAYS

Links: JESUS of Zion



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