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Name: Patricia Anne Bagi
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Country: United States
Phone: 503.539.3919
Email: Send message
Web Site: None

Church: God's Non-Denominational
Occupation: Teacher, Counselor, Minister,Pastor
Services Performed: Weddings Pre-wedding counsel Counsel Prayerwork Counsel and Service for the Sick and Dying Celebrations and Blessings of/for LIFE
This I Believe: I Believe in One God maker of heaven and earth and all that is seen and unseen,I believe in Jesus Christ Our Lord born incarnate by the Holy Spirit of the Virgin Mary, made man was crucified,died,buried and arose on the third day according to the scriptures for our salvation.I believe he sits at the right hand of the father and awaits for us to come to God of our own free will. I believe that The Holy Spirit guides us and watches over us with the Angels waiting for each of us to come to and express the TRUTH. We are expressions of God, created in his image;God is Love and Love is God. We are given the gift of Free Will and the ablility to discern Truth.We may forget but there are reminders and things sent to awaken us, to reach us, touch us, educate us. No One Else has authority over us; no one else can tell us their truth. Each of us is given by God the ablity to relate to him, to commune with him, to talk, listen, share, to learn, to fall and get back up with the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The Bible has two parts to help us. The Old Testament, History written and recorded facts, stories from the beginning and he has left us the New Testament; The Living Word, dynamic and alive, reaching and teaching each individual seeker of God, The word of God for each of us, the same and yet different in it's dynamic lessons as we grow and evolve. Each time we come to the living word we come back new and different and we read and get more meaning, new meaning, as we come to know Our Father and his Son and we see how The Holy Spirit is Alive in us, moving thru us, working with and loving us; we come away with a more deeper and profound understanding and Sharing. We Grow in Christ, we Grow with the Holy Spirit moving thru us we can feel, we can know, we CAN DISCERN GOD and TRUTH. In our human-ness we forget, so there is our reminder.All Relatioships take work; they take time to develop. God loves us, he knows this, he knows our story, knows our human qualities, our forgetfulness, our emotions that we can let get away and take over if we let them; but, is it not Great that HE has left a written a Devine and creative Living word to REMIND us and to guide us on this journey of life. This Beautiful, wonderous world filled with Beauty and Miracles all around us ~~~LIFE~~~in all of it's forms and all he asks is the we Honor him, our Father, Our Creator, to come to him in our SELF, in our Truth as he made us, to share in this life, to co-create in this life, to come to Him Freely and simply have a relationship with him in love and to enjoy all of his other creations and miracles and be in relationship and love. Heaven. LOVE is All All is LOVE God is Love Love is God We are Love, Love is Us, we , me, you,I, I AM. I AM LOVE I Am made in the image of God My Heavenly Father of all that is, all that is seen and unseen, This is the resurrection, the restoral of Truth;The Resurrection of The Christ and the resurrection of the body into Life Everlasting; Eternal Life; Forgiveness of Sin is this REMEMBERANCE: GOD IS LOVE; Man made in his Image is LOVE. LOVE is the MOST POWERFUL FORCE in the UNIVERSE and it will conquer all including the blind, the ignorant, the forgetful,the sin [ner]
Favorite Quote: I may die for my belief; I would not kill for it.

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