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"Doubt is the first sign of enlightenment"
Name: Thomas Neubauer
City: Reedsburg
State: Wisconsin
Country: United States
Phone: 608-415-1401
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Church: Q.O.T.H.B.S.
Occupation: Religious and Metaphysical Huckster Exposer
Services Performed: Mind opening. Spiritual path research.
This I Believe: I do not practice any level of organized religion anymore ( In the past have been a praticing Taoist, Southern Baptist, Catholic,Christian,Lutheran,Penacostal, and the list goes on) I am however well versed in most of them so I know where they are coming from even if I disagree with them. I never look to convert anyone (if you trully believe in what you believe in then you are bullet proof and we can't touch you), I instead leave them with doubt about thier chosen organized religion.
Favorite Quote: “Those who speak in ambiguity are the first disbelievers of their cause.”

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