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Name: Sammy Davidson
City: Oxford
State: None
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: None
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Church: Rastafari (unnafiliated with any particular mansio
Occupation: Student
Services Performed: Reasonings Grounations Marriages Funerals Help and advice gladly given bledren and sistren; rasta or no. Much love and peace. JAH!
This I Believe: IandI am a believer in the teachings of the Rastafari movement. IandI do not associate with any one mansion. Rather than this IandI like to welcome in all peoples of all races to the following of Jah without predjudice toward them or need for them to follow specific rules. Basically, IandI believe that there is one God, IandI call him Jah. IandI believe that Jah sent many prophets including Jesus Christ and St John. The last prophet was the blessed Marcus Garvey who predicted the coming of HIM. He, a poor black Jamaican, predicted that a King would be crowned in Africa, a King who would unite the disparate peoples of Africa and the world. And, in 1936, this prophecy came true. Haille Selassie I (Ras Tafari) was crowned Emperor and King (Ras) of Ethiopia. He bravely fought the invading Italian army during WW2 and won the adoration of the world when making a noble and powerful request for help from the League of Nations, though no help was given. At the end of the war, He drove the Italians from Ethiopia and set about reforming His nation, giving new hope and new freedoms to His subjects. He preached for an end to the colonisation of Africa and, between 1953 and 1963, with His guidance 19 African countries freed themselves from their captors, the rest would soon follow. In 1966, He made a visit to Jamaica, the first black leader to do so, and was greeted with reverance by the leaders and followers of the young Rasta movement. The reason for their love was this; Not only had Selassie fulfilled Garvey's prophecy, not only was He the first black Head of State to be internationally recognised, but He also fulfilled a very ancient prophecy. In the bible, the Messiah is referred to as the "King of Kings, Lord of Lords and Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah" these are His Imperial Majesty's titles. Also, it says that the Messiah shall be "of the root of David". This HIM was. The line of the Kings of Ethiopia is directly descended from King Solomon (son of David) and the Queen of Sheba. And so, bledren and sistren, IandI tell you now. The true undying Messiah was born in Jamaica and he still lives, though he apparently died. He is preparing the return of all the children of the world to their homeland; Africa. IandI and most Rastafari believe that we can come close to Jah by smoking the buds and leaves of the Ganja (cannabis) plant. This sacred herb was smoked by the ancient peoples of all continents and has always been seen as sacred. Rastafari see the Western World as Babylon, the great evil, polluting the world and going against Jah in the pursuit of wealth and the worship of those great idols; money and power. This is what IandI struggle against. Jah! Jah!
Favorite Quote: Africa Unite, for we're moving right out of Babylon

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