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This is not a comprehensive listing of all ULC ministers!

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The information contained in this directory is provided by the individual ministers themselves. No warranty or endorsement is expressed as to the training, competence, integrity, or any other quality of the ministers listed here. Use of this information for any use other than that for which it is intended is prohibited. This minister directory is not connected in any way to the official ordination records.

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Fiske, KeirBrigus JunctionNewfoundland and LabradorCanadaSend message
GRALA, LAWRENCELas Palmas de Gran CanariaNot ApplicableCanary IslandsSend message
Cranshaw, WilliamSimsburyConnecticutCayman IslandsSend message
Weitzman, SteveWest BayNot ApplicableCayman IslandsSend message
Farrow, DonnaGeorge TownNot ApplicableCayman IslandsSend message
vickers, colynIsle Of ManNot ApplicableChannel IslandsSend message
Aubert, MikeJerseyNot ApplicableChannel IslandsSend message
Blampied, SteveJerseyNot ApplicableChannel IslandsSend message
Neesh, Dr Sai VillarricaNot ApplicableChileSend message
Brewington, DanielSantiagoNot ApplicableChileSend message
Rodriguez, OsvaldoLos AngelesNot ApplicableChileSend message
Ahuja, SpandanShenzhenNot ApplicableChinaSend message
Greatsinger, StephenFuyangNot ApplicableChinaSend message
Johnson, GarethXi'anNot ApplicableChinaSend message
Dixon-MacLeod, GideonYa'anNot ApplicableChinaSend message
De Castro, Carlos ArmandoBogotßNot ApplicableColombiaSend message
Ortiz Ordo˝ez, Mary LilianaBucaramangaNot ApplicableColombiaSend message
Burzi, FrancescoSubachoqueNot ApplicableColombiaSend message
Maya, GabrielValledupar Not ApplicableColombiaSend message
Morales, Franciscocali Valle del caucaNot ApplicableColombiaSend message
Habib, MabialaBrazzavilleNot ApplicableCongoSend message
NZENGU SAPU, DieudonneKinshasaNot ApplicableCongoSend message
Gilmore, JohnAlajuelaNot ApplicableCosta RicaSend message
Chretien, MartinAlajuela, Costa RicaFloridaCosta RicaSend message
Raschke, VolkoSan Clemente, LimonNot ApplicableCosta RicaSend message
Bargo, Martin AlejandroNot ApplicableCosta RicaSend message
Escobar, J. LorenzoPalmaresNot ApplicableCosta RicaSend message
Roush, WilliamHerediaNot ApplicableCosta RicaSend message
Stakor, KristijanOsijekNot ApplicableCroatiaSend message
Bozic, BrunoSisakNot ApplicableCroatiaSend message
Georgantas, GeorgePaphosNot ApplicableCyprusSend message
Castronovo, Bishop SimonelimassolNot ApplicableCyprusSend message
Dolezal, JiriPrahaNot ApplicableCzech RepublicSend message
Dirr, MatejBrnoNot ApplicableCzech RepublicSend message
Paskins, RogerěrbŠkNot ApplicableDenmarkSend message
Grassme', PalleMallingNot ApplicableDenmarkSend message
KAZAREZ, ALEXANDERCopenhagenNot ApplicableDenmarkSend message
HOVHANNISYAN, ARTYOMCopenhagenNot ApplicableDenmarkSend message
SAHAKYAN, LILITCopenhagenNot ApplicableDenmarkSend message
Hagen Andersen, HenrikHolstedNot ApplicableDenmarkSend message
Pedersen, Jan BillyFredericiaNot ApplicableDenmarkSend message
Ladevig, LeonardFredericiaNot ApplicableDenmarkSend message
Lind, PeterCopenhagenNot ApplicableDenmarkSend message
Christiansen, AllanFredericiaNot ApplicableDenmarkSend message
Arn■ˇrsson, PÚtur GeirH°rningNot ApplicableDenmarkSend message
GRANT, TerrisitaCabareteNot ApplicableDominican RepublicSend message
guzman cruz, carmen sobeydamao, valverdeNorth DakotaDominican RepublicSend message
MONCAYO, VICTORGUAYAQUILNot ApplicableEcuadorSend message
Montgomery, JosephGuayaquilNot ApplicableEcuadorSend message
Metelak Ruffolo, JaniceCuencaNot ApplicableEcuadorSend message

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