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The information contained in this directory is provided by the individual ministers themselves. No warranty or endorsement is expressed as to the training, competence, integrity, or any other quality of the ministers listed here. Use of this information for any use other than that for which it is intended is prohibited. This minister directory is not connected in any way to the official ordination records.

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De Leon, Janice Taytay, RizalNot ApplicablePhilippinesSend message
Mlcak-Griffith, LauraTazewellVirginiaUnited StatesSend message
Carroll, MaryTeaneckNew JerseyUnited StatesSend message
Southern, Frank LTecumsehOklahomaUnited StatesSend message
Shivers, RichardTega CaySouth CarolinaUnited StatesSend message
Drain, DustanTehachapiCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Hein, Rhoda LynnTehachapiCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Ferguson, LyndaTehachapiCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Jockinsen, DouglasTehachapiCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Gentet, DonnaTehachapiCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Hibbett, PaulTeignmouthNot ApplicableUnited KingdomSend message
Shulkind, JamesTel AvivNot ApplicableIsraelSend message
Simpson, Raymond NeilTelfordNot ApplicableUnited KingdomSend message
Rue, Lord MarcTelfordNot ApplicableUnited KingdomSend message
Longest, KristinaTell CityIndianaUnited StatesSend message
Schiyer, Garytell cityIndianaUnited StatesSend message
Eastman, CarlTellico PlainsTennesseeUnited StatesSend message
Hensley, TimothyTellico PlainsTennesseeUnited StatesSend message
Morales, JorgeTellico PlainsTennesseeUnited StatesSend message
carnevale, thomTellurideColoradoUnited StatesSend message
Flick, MarshallTellurideColoradoUnited StatesSend message
Young Jr., NeilTelordPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Becerra, MichaelTemculaCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Greenwood, ForrestTemeculaCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Angelo, MichaelTemeculaCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Bittner, LloydTemeculaCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
dicristina, gregory pacetemeculaCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Jungblut, BrettTemeculaCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Thompson, BrodyTemeculaCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Del Monte, JeffTemeculaCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Salls, AlanTemeculaCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Saechao, SaoTemeculaCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Rayno, LeslietemepArizonaUnited StatesSend message
Andrew, andrewTemerWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Jacques, GuillaumeTemiskaming ShoresOntarioCanadaSend message
Havice, Robert ScottTempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message
walstrom, michaelTempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message
zielinski, vincentTempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message
Wynne, AnitaTempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message
Broadbent, DonnieTempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message
Eres Leve, ShariTempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message
Ferguson, JohnTempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message
luckey, johnTempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message
white II, darrelltempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message
Godfrey, EricTempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message
Sachs, AllenTempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message
Delton, JamesTempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message
Crapanzano, JenniferTempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message
Lish, BalthazorTempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message
Athenas, NicholasTempeArizonaUnited StatesSend message

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