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This is not a comprehensive listing of all ULC ministers!

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The information contained in this directory is provided by the individual ministers themselves. No warranty or endorsement is expressed as to the training, competence, integrity, or any other quality of the ministers listed here. Use of this information for any use other than that for which it is intended is prohibited. This minister directory is not connected in any way to the official ordination records.

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Stallings, JacobRossvilleGeorgiaUnited StatesSend message
Hall, SheldonrossvilleGeorgiaUnited StatesSend message
Coy, SamanthaRossvilleIllinoisUnited StatesSend message
Powell, RhondaRossvilleIllinoisUnited StatesSend message
McElwee, RonaldRoswellNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
Reynolds, Joe RayRoswellNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
Wilson, Cynthia 'Olympias'RoswellNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
baker, Rev.RoswellNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
Raiford, JudieRoswellGeorgiaUnited StatesSend message
O"Rourke, PatriciaRoswellNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
Matlock, CaseyRoswellNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
Coatney, ElisaRoswellGeorgiaUnited StatesSend message
Braswell, Jon WesleyRoswellGeorgiaUnited StatesSend message
Neal, KatherineRoswellGeorgiaUnited StatesSend message
Goodlett , CharlesRoswellNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
Carrell, JoshuaRoswellNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
Raiford, Dr. WaldoRoswellGeorgiaUnited StatesSend message
Raiford-Wood, Sophie MarieRoswellGeorgiaUnited StatesSend message
Serafino, AnnRoswellNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
Patton, SashuaRoswellNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
Patton, JoshuaRoswellNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
Gonzales-Palacios, LuteriaRoswellNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
russelburg, keithroswellNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
Hernando, DesireeRoswellNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
Bell, LeeRotherhamNot ApplicableUnited KingdomSend message
Platts, AndrewRotherhamNot ApplicableUnited KingdomSend message
Murray, Daniel StevenRotherhamNot ApplicableEngland (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)Send message
Berwind, LindaRotonda W.FloridaUnited StatesSend message
Richardson, LesliRotonda WestFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Herget, BruceRotonda WestFloridaUnited StatesSend message
SMITH, Stevie DRotoruaNot ApplicableNew ZealandSend message
Murray, Rex NikoraRotoruaNot ApplicableNew ZealandSend message
Schmid, Hans-PeterRottenburgNot ApplicableGermanySend message
Carnicom, GeneRound HillVirginiaUnited StatesSend message
Jantz, DouglasRound LakeIllinoisUnited StatesSend message
Reizner, AdamRound Lake BeachIllinoisUnited StatesSend message
Brauner, MarkRound RockTexasUnited StatesSend message
McDearmont, SharronRound RockTexasUnited StatesSend message
Farris, JohnRound RockTexasUnited StatesSend message
Ayala, MelodyRound RockTexasUnited StatesSend message
Carlisle, WayneRound RockTexasUnited StatesSend message
Middleton, TrishaRound RockTexasUnited StatesSend message
Nincehelser, George D.Round RockTexasUnited StatesSend message
Ivy, DianaRound RockTexasUnited StatesSend message
Broussard, JanettaRound RockTexasUnited StatesSend message
Nelms, Jeff AllenRound RockTexasUnited StatesSend message
Krueger, Rev. Jeffrey AnthonyRound RockTexasUnited StatesSend message
Markgraf, CarolynRound RockTexasUnited StatesSend message
Johnson, DavidRound RockTexasUnited StatesSend message
Suchil, LeticiaRound RockTexasUnited StatesSend message

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