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God bless all the young parents with children this hour.

Oh lord please hear our voice of healing in the family unity. Jesus place your miracles on the lives of the children to be loved and treated with respect. Please help those families that are having shard time financially restore what the devil have taken from each soul and restore with your healing power. Thank you Jesus for loving us first, I will forever praise your name. Be bo
again and fellowships with Christians, pray, and live in the presence of our humble savior. In Jesus name I pray
1John 4:7
Senior Chaplain Melaney

May 8, 2018


God bless this husband who want to be faithful.

Oh lord please forgive this servant for not being faithful to you first. We have all sinned in our life, I thank you Lord for your unconditional love no matters where we are in our life. Jesus bless this soul to have hope in the connection between our Heavenly Father and pray for strength and healing in his marriage. Thank you Jesus for bringing this beautiful soul to your throne if forgiveness and restoration. In Jesus name I pray
2 Corinthians 13:11
Be of good comfort

Senior Chaplain Melaney

May 8, 2018


Please pray that I will remain faithful to my wife and that I will be able to stay away from any drug use.
Pray that I can protect my wife from this information so as not to hurt her.
My desire is to be faithful and to be a trustworthy husband.

May 5, 2018 | Send message


Prayer for family unity -young parents w/children

May 4, 2018


Please pray for bea that she would have good medical test results. Thanks paul

May 3, 2018


God bless Rev. Jill this hour

Thank you lord for blessing Rev. Jill with courage and strength. Lord hear her call for restoration in her life. Jesus I bless your name now for Rev. Jill to be free, break her bondage of struggles and burdens that you father God said to lay our burdens on the alter. I love lord, because you first love Rev. Jill refill her soul with your spirit to move forward in the presence of our Heavenly Father.
Romans 8:29

Senior Chaplain Melaney

May 2, 2018


God bless Paul now and forever

Thank you lord for the blessings upon Paul. He needs your healing grace upon his physical body. Healing from heaven and grace to my father God in heaven. Hear Paul's cry for healing in his eye and restore his physical body with strength and love. In Jesus name I pray
Psalms 34:1

Senior Chaplain Melaney

May 2, 2018


God bless this servant who need a second chat a career.

Thank you lord for blessing this beautiful soul with more than meets the eye. Jesus have mercy upon this servant to have courage and strength if need to meditate on your work and word for healing. Only you father God can see beyond our challenges and able to put us on a different path. Share this jou
ey of new understanding and to seek counsel of moving on. Sometimes it is difficult but God have blessed you with the ability and capability to "stand up and pick up your mat" God said to JOB, why are you complaining when your understanding is limited. God wants you to rely on his word and be obedient. Our obedience is about faith. Jesus bless your beautiful soul and he loves you unconditionally.
JOB 38:1-2, JOB 40:7

Senior Chaplain Melaney

May 2, 2018


I have many struggles that I am dealing with. Need lots of prayers! Thank you in advance and also for your support.
In His Love,
Rev Jill

May 2, 2018 | Send message


Please pray for healing for my eyes. Thanks paul

Apr 30, 2018


I have been placed back in a work situation in a temp holding position until a new role comes up in the area so this gives time for god to do what he needs. I feel rejected and lost. I had been away for a year on secondment but was bullied horrifically. Please lord place me only in a team that you want me to be. Please let that team in Police be supportive, kind and your will only. Lord I surrender my life to you 100% it is totally surrendered. I need you to save me, to save my soul, to save my heart and to help me be whole again. I hand over my failures, my brokeness and ask you to let me be a testimony to those around me at police who have seen me at rock bottom in the past to be healed, delivered and set free. Lord I trust you so much with all you have done in my life. Set me free of shame and guilt and help me be a testimony to those. I was lost and now I am found. I went through domestic violence and was so ashamed of this but let me not be also. Amen.

Apr 29, 2018 | Send message


Please pray that God would heal my eye condition. Amen. Thanks paul

Apr 28, 2018


God bless this day he have given to those who obey
Like 10:40

"But Martha was cumbered about much serving and came to him and said lord, dost thou not care my sister ( Mary) left me to serve alone? Bid her therefore that she help me. "

In this powerful passage Martha was upset because Mary sat down to listen to Jesus. Jesus wants us to be like Mary, no matter what we have to do in life ( the everyday work, solving everyday life challenges) this is not important to our God. Father God wants us to be obedient too the word of God. When we listen to the word Jesus blessed us with strength and courage to face all earthly affliction, able to break free from drugs, able to make a financial breakthrough, become wise on making decisions. Lean on God, pray be bo
again and fellowship with Christians. In Jesus name I pray


Senior Chaplain Melaney 5832

Apr 27, 2018


Dear Fellow Servers-in-Light!
Please, in your Spiritality,,pray for me: I'm
going to start up my Church-Center soon now!
I know your prayers will make the transactions
better and easier. Thanks ever-so-much!

Rev. Dr. John Rutt

Apr 25, 2018 | Send message

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