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This is not a comprehensive listing of all ULC ministers!

Only those who have asked to be listed publicly are included here. If you are looking for your name and don't find it, you may click here for additional information. You may register here, or click here to update your existing directory listing. Forget your password? click here.

The information contained in this directory is provided by the individual ministers themselves. No warranty or endorsement is expressed as to the training, competence, integrity, or any other quality of the ministers listed here. Use of this information for any use other than that for which it is intended is prohibited. This minister directory is not connected in any way to the official ordination records.

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McVey, DeborahClermontFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Ussach, AndyClermontFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Brown, RodneyClermontFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Waller, JimClermontFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Buddin, Jason ClemsonSouth CarolinaUnited StatesSend message
Grantham, Kay FrancesClemsonSouth CarolinaUnited StatesSend message
Murasso, TomClemmonsNorth CarolinaUnited StatesSend message
Camp, BrianClementsCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Williams, JohnClementonNew JerseyUnited StatesSend message
Trautz, EdClementonNew JerseyUnited StatesSend message
Reid, DawnClementonNew JerseyUnited StatesSend message
Velez, MichaelClementonNew JerseyUnited StatesSend message
Cono, BrianClementonNew JerseyUnited StatesSend message
Dube', DwainClementonNew JerseyUnited StatesSend message
Young, KevinCLEETHORPESNot ApplicableUnited KingdomSend message
Wain, P JCleethorpesNot ApplicableEngland (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)Send message
wagoner, billycleburneTexasUnited StatesSend message
Thiessen, WynndeeCleburneTexasUnited StatesSend message
Kelley, ScottCleburneTexasUnited StatesSend message
Griffith, DavidCleburneTexasUnited StatesSend message
Mims, Randy ScottCLEBURNETexasUnited StatesSend message
Thopsey, Rev. Sean D.Clearwater, FLFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Cofer, JerryClearwaterFloridaUnited StatesSend message
al-raee, hannahclearwaterFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Harrison, MattClearwaterFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Osswald, RobertClearwaterFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Carmichael, JohnClearwaterFloridaUnited StatesSend message
BOND, COLTCLEARWATERBritish ColumbiaCanadaSend message
Zaffuto, VincentClearwaterFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Grein Sr, Reverand GrantClearwaterFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Hutek, SheliaClearwaterFloridaUnited StatesSend message
young, elizabethClearwaterFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Eure, KerisClearwaterFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Wiand, BurtonClearwaterFloridaUnited StatesSend message
Garrett, MillardClearlake OaksCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Thompson, John ChristopherClearlake OaksCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Monrean, LynnetteClearlake OaksCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Cole, RichardclearlakeCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Grimm, GaleClearlakeCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Lasnover, MichaelClearlakeCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Lasnover, MichaelClearlakeCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Drake, SpotClearlakeCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
thielemann, carmenClearlakeCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
pietro, angelaclearfieldPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Harris, BrandonclearfieldUtahUnited StatesSend message
Pancoast, Jr., Rev. RichardClearfieldPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Warner, PaulineClearfieldUtahUnited StatesSend message
Smeal , Aaron Clearfield PennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Kimball, RonaldClearbrookMinnesotaUnited StatesSend message
Zalizniak, PeterClear SpringMarylandUnited StatesSend message

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