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The information contained in this directory is provided by the individual ministers themselves. No warranty or endorsement is expressed as to the training, competence, integrity, or any other quality of the ministers listed here. Use of this information for any use other than that for which it is intended is prohibited. This minister directory is not connected in any way to the official ordination records.

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Pyle, Jacklyn ElizabethBaxleyGeorgiaUnited StatesSend message
Vihmintah, Sunday AnthonyBauchi stateNot ApplicableNigeriaSend message
Archer, TiffanyBattlefieldMissouriUnited StatesSend message
Morse, AustenBattle MountainNevadaUnited StatesSend message
Fontyn, JesseBattle GroundWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Patrick, Bruce ABattle GroundIndianaUnited StatesSend message
Herbig, GlennBattle GroundWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Lahmon, LloydBattle GroundWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Novak, Zoey LeeBattle GroundWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
malcolm, bjbattle groundWashingtonUnited StatesSend message
Patrick, Bruce ABattle GroundIndianaUnited StatesSend message
Dunn, DanielBattle CreekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
Jones, RonBattle CreekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
Surprenant, RobertBattle CreekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
Hoeben, Russellbattle creekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
Broomfield, DavidBattle CreekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
Iles, BrianBattle CreekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
Babcock, CLIFFORDBattle CreekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
McGinnis, JeffBattle CreekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
McFate, Ryan Battle CreekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
Holmes, CareyBattle CreekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
Davis, TimothyBattle CreekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
Hayes, ChadBattle CreekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
Miller, ScottyBattle CreekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
Browne, ErickaBattle CreekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
Dempsey, CharlesBattle CreekMichiganUnited StatesSend message
Synold, RaymondBattery PointNot ApplicableAustraliaSend message
Judy, JenniferBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Hummer, SeanBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Adams, ChrisBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Strahan, Christopher W.Baton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Winans, WalkerBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Corley, LukeBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Wilkinson, TodBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Ramsey, WoodyBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
sullivan, mickbaton rougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Pittman, WilliamBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Tammami, DariusBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Peeler-Smith, Dr. MichaelBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
King, JohnyBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Smith, CelesteBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Peeler, Dr. ChrisBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Otken, KenBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Gorbach-Johnson, PatriciaBaton RougeLouisianaUnited StatesSend message
Rangeley, NicholasBatleyNot ApplicableUnited KingdomSend message
Camp, MichaelBatimoreMarylandUnited StatesSend message
Lovett, AndrewBatimoreMarylandUnited StatesSend message
Gryspeerd, Priestess MaryBathMaineUnited StatesSend message
McElman, WilliamBathMaineUnited StatesSend message
Sterner, JohnBathPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message

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