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This is not a comprehensive listing of all ULC ministers!

Only those who have asked to be listed publicly are included here. If you are looking for your name and don't find it, you may click here for additional information. You may register here, or click here to update your existing directory listing. Forget your password? click here.

The information contained in this directory is provided by the individual ministers themselves. No warranty or endorsement is expressed as to the training, competence, integrity, or any other quality of the ministers listed here. Use of this information for any use other than that for which it is intended is prohibited. This minister directory is not connected in any way to the official ordination records.

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Cryderman, BrittCarmichaelCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Cryderman, BrittCarmichaelCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Cryderman, BrittCarmichaelCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Parizo, LisaCarmichaelCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Nichols, MartinCarmichaelCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Wilson, BurtCarmichaelCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Burnette, MatthewCarmichaelCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Carson, RandallCarmichaelCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Richards, BuddyCarmichaelCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Steger, CarltonCarmichaelCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Yoshida, Robin EikoCarmel-By-The-SeaCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Crane, SkyCarmel ValleyCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Stringall, Richard L.Carmel ValleyCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Redmon, GeorgeCarmelCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Williams, mylesCARMELCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Coiro, Rev. Dr. ErinCarmelNew YorkUnited StatesSend message
pastrana, gregorycarmelNew YorkUnited StatesSend message
Stevens, BenjaminCarmelIndianaUnited StatesSend message
Tatelbaum, JudyCarmelCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
White, Wynsda'CarmelIndianaUnited StatesSend message
Duart, KristianaCarmelCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Hanson, Rev. Ida-MayCarmelIndianaUnited StatesSend message
Torres, DamianCarltonOregonUnited StatesSend message
Dill, CecilCarltonOregonUnited StatesSend message
Arya, BrianCarlstadtNew JerseyUnited StatesSend message
Slinkard, MichaelCarlsbadNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
Fessenden, DanielCarlsbadNew MexicoUnited StatesSend message
Chatham, GaryCarlsbadCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
McIlrath, MarcCarlsbadCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Hwang, SamCarlsbadCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Larson, LisaCarlsbadCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Waynick, KelleyCarlsbadCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Laugle, EdwardCarlsbadCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Liggett, MarkCarlsbadCaliforniaUnited StatesSend message
Gutierrez D.D, Dr. MarceloCarlos Paz - CordobaNot ApplicableArgentinaSend message
Burkhart, MariaCarlockIllinoisUnited StatesSend message
Williams, BrandonCarlisleIndianaUnited StatesSend message
Righi, JenniferCarlislePennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Calladine, DavidCarlisleNot ApplicableUnited KingdomSend message
Shelpman Jr., Rev. PeterCarlisleKentuckyUnited StatesSend message
Stuart, KevinCarlisleNot ApplicableUnited KingdomSend message
Gleckman, JacquieCarlisleNew YorkUnited StatesSend message
Keating, CraigCarleton PlaceOntarioCanadaSend message
Wood, JeaneCarl JunctionMissouriUnited StatesSend message
Sims, WilksCarl JunctionMissouriUnited StatesSend message
Steele, EricCarl JunctionMissouriUnited StatesSend message
Kent, RichardCarisleIndianaUnited StatesSend message
Taylor, Richard CCaribouMaineUnited StatesSend message
Taylor, ShirleyCaribouMaineUnited StatesSend message
Morrissette, BrandenCaribouMaineUnited StatesSend message

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