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This is not a comprehensive listing of all ULC ministers!

Only those who have asked to be listed publicly are included here. If you are looking for your name and don't find it, you may click here for additional information. You may register here, or click here to update your existing directory listing. Forget your password? click here.

The information contained in this directory is provided by the individual ministers themselves. No warranty or endorsement is expressed as to the training, competence, integrity, or any other quality of the ministers listed here. Use of this information for any use other than that for which it is intended is prohibited. This minister directory is not connected in any way to the official ordination records.

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chockla, tommygreensburgPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Galette, PaulHatfieldPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Laughlin, JeffreyWhitehallPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Wolfe, Rev Joe EnolaPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
DiGirolamo Jr., Daniel FredmountainhomePennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Olewiler, KevinYorkPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Paul, WayneJohnstownPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Mazzafro, JosephPhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
KLINE, MARYHYNDMANPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Schafron, CarolPittsburghPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Zamot, NestoryorkPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Smith, RacheleAltoonaPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Quinn, RobertEriePennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Hatch, CodyBradfordPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Greene, ShaunWashingtonPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
rodriguez, carlosEastonPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Willwert, David Red lionPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
MILLER JR, STEPHENstroudsburgPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
barnhardt, FranklevittownPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Strayer, CristySproulPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Cramer, MatthewNesquehoningPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Casselle, DawneAllentownPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Aly, RyanPipersvillePennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Carter, Jr., Robert E. PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaUnited StatesSend message
Snyder, Rev Gary LWilkes BarrePrince Edward IslandUnited StatesSend message
MacKinnon, GlennSt. Peter's BayPrince Edward IslandCanadaSend message
Clairmont DeCoff, Rev. R. J.AibonitoPuerto RicoUnited StatesSend message
Valle Javier, Pedro CarloSan JuanPuerto RicoUnited StatesSend message
Figueroa, CarmeloMorovisPuerto RicoPuerto RicoSend message
Vera Ortiz, Luis AlbertoUtuadoPuerto RicoUnited StatesSend message
Hernandez, WandaCidraPuerto RicoPuerto RicoSend message
Pol, JoseSan JuanPuerto RicoUnited StatesSend message
ramon, cambrelenCanovanaPuerto RicoPuerto RicoSend message
Flores - Carrion, FelixBarcelonetaPuerto RicoPuerto RicoSend message
Bernard, JeffreySan JuanPuerto RicoUnited StatesSend message
Echevarria, SalvadorPoncePuerto RicoPuerto RicoSend message
Bernier-Renta, Benjamin ErasmoBayamonPuerto RicoUnited StatesSend message
moscoso, luissan juanPuerto RicoUnited StatesSend message
Ruiz Moreno, Rev.GregorioRinconPuerto RicoUnited StatesSend message
Gonzalez, MigdalisCidraPuerto RicoPuerto RicoSend message
Carrion, CamilleGuaynaboPuerto RicoUnited StatesSend message
Dupont, MaribelAnascoPuerto RicoUnited StatesSend message
Montalvo Morales, Sabana GrandePuerto RicoUnited StatesSend message
montanez vega, natanaelAGUAS BUENASPuerto RicoUnited StatesSend message
quijano, irisponcePuerto RicoUnited StatesSend message
Mari, AidaFajardoPuerto RicoPuerto RicoSend message
Bernier Renta, Benjamin EBayamonPuerto RicoPuerto RicoSend message
Hernandez, KarenGuraboPuerto RicoPuerto RicoSend message
Arteaga, JuanSan JuanPuerto RicoPuerto RicoSend message
Quinones Acevedo, Rev. Francisco JoseGuraboPuerto RicoUnited StatesSend message

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